Useful Tools for Product Managers

While Product Managers have to interact with a lot of stakeholders to ship products, there are a lot of tools out there that enables PMs to perform their tasks seamlessly. Read this listicle to find out the best tools out there for Product Managers to ship world-class products.

  • ProductPlan

ProductPlan is used by product teams worldwide for road mapping and displaying your product plans. It is one of those tools that does only a few things but does them quite well. A multi-functional tool, you can lay out your product strategy in a format that shows the big picture to the C-suite executives while also allowing your engineering team to work on the little details that matter for every project milestone. It integrates with frequently used tools like Jira, Microsoft Teams, GitHub and more.

  • Typeform

To get your respondents to answer questions is a tough ask. If you have a comprehensive list of questions, it becomes that much more tougher. Tools like Typeform make the process not just easier but actually enjoyable. With integrations across frequently used tools like CRM software, Slack and Intercom, among others, setting it up to work with your existing tools is easier than ever.

  • Amplitude

Amplitude is one of the Product Analytics tools out there to help you gain a deeper understanding of how customers experience your digital products. With cohort analysis, increase the lifetime value of your customer and personlize product experiences to drive engagement, retention and loyalty.

  • Figma

Figma is one of the most widely used design software across the world. Used for prototyping and wireframing mobile and web applications, Figma has built out the platform to expand access and usability for individual designers, small firms and giant enterprise companies alike. With a simple UI that increases the ease to find what you want and amazing templates, product managers use this tool to communicate their ideas with the design team.

  • Optimizely

Optimizely is used by Product Managers worldwide to build extraordinary experiences through rapid experimentation. Optimizely helps PMs roll out new features confidently, run tests on segments of your user base and apply only the changes that work. With these insights, know what features click with users and improve conversion rates. Test, learn and innovate on your website at scale, without compromising on performance.

  • Asana

Asana is a web-based project management tools that helps you work on projects and track them for timely delivery. You can store and view team conversations and tasks in one place rather than searching through emails and numerous chat windows. With remote work becoming mainstream, project management tools are seeing widespread adoption by teams. Asana is also founded by one of Facebook’s co-founder, Dustin Moskovitz.

  • Canva/Keynote

Product Managers have to present a lot of ideas to the C-suite and cross-functional teams to communicate their ideas better. Therefore, it’s important to use a tool with which you’re comfortable. Keynote is present only on Mac devices and Canva can be accessed within your browser. Canva stores everything on the cloud, so it’s helpful for people who’re connected to the internet all day long.

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